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Great News!
'Welcome Stranger' Appeal Refused by Tribunal
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ABC's '7:30 Report' 3-part series on the Property Industry

Part 1: 21st Oct. 2019: Titled 'Buyer Beware' - Apartment owners paying for defective buildings
Australia's building industry has been under scrutiny after a series of significant defects were found in high rise buildings, including the Opal and Mascot Tower complexes in Sydney. These incidents have focussed attention on the lack of protection for owners when things go wrong, and the impact of the building boom on quality.
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Part 2: 22nd Oct. 2019: Titled 'Fault Lines' - Home owners left high and dry while their building crumbles around them
Construction is a complex industry with many layers of responsibility, so where does the blame lie when things go wrong? Builders, if they're still around, are the first port of call. But private certifiers or building surveyors say they're often the ones unfairly accused of missing defects. Many in the industry say the rules just aren't tough enough to enforce accountability or stop those cutting corners.
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Part 3: 23rd Oct. 2019: Titled 'Hidden Danger' - Programs are underway to replace combustible cladding on apartment blocks
Owners of apartments affected by the cladding crisis in Victoria have told of the emotional toll it has taken on them.
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Council Decision - Shame! Shame! Shame!

Shame! Shame! Shame! was the cry from the packed public gallery after 6 aldermen voted down the officers' recommendations at the Council meeting on the 19th August. Not one of the 6 said a word. The are aldermen Zucco, Behrakis, Denison, Sexton, Thomas, and Sherlock.

HnH is determined - our campaign against high-rise towers will continue.

The Poll of Electors was a wonderful result! There was massive support in favour of height limits and preserving Hobart as a low-rise heritage city - ignored by 6 silent aldermen.

Video: 2019 10 Sammy J on ABC Television & Youtube
For the past 2 years HnH has helped the people of Hobart lobby the City of Hobart's Aldermen to strengthen the planning schemes to ban highrise towers in Hobart and to protect Hobart's heritage buildings, viewlines, and streetscapes.

With such an overwhelming result, HnH fully expected Council to implement the officers' recommendations. Shame! Shame! Shame!
Hobart Not Highrise Inc. was set up to prevent a rash of developments that ignore building height rules and threaten the human scale, heritage values, and skyline of our beautiful city.
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