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Skyscraper Definition:
"A skyscraper is a machine that is designed to turn land into money." [from 'The 99% Invisible City' by Roman Mars & Kurt Kohlstedt, 2020, p191]

Central Hobart Precinct Plan:
Thanks to the many hundreds who made submissions. Click 'Here' for Mercury 'Opinion Piece' on 1st Jan. 2022

Ald Marti Zucco:
An absolute appalling waste of ratepayer funds. Click 'Here' for details.

Major Projects:
Sadly, the Major Projects Bill has been passed by both houses of parliament. We note that the government has, on a number of occasions, said that this legislation will not be used for highrise towers. However, the legislation allows highrise towers. Click 'Here' for a list of problems with this legislation.

ABC's '7:30 Report'
3-part series on the Property Industry - it's worth watching!
  • 21st Oct. 2019: Titled 'Buyer Beware': Click 'Here'
  • 22nd Oct. 2019: Titled 'Fault Lines': Click 'Here'
  • 23rd Oct. 2019: Titled 'Hidden Danger': Click 'Here'
Hobart Not Highrise Inc.
HNH was set up to prevent a rash of developments that ignore building height rules and threaten the human scale, heritage values, and skyline of our beautiful city. We do this by providing residents with accurate up-to-date information and making it easy for them to have their voice heard.
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Entertainment Book
Superb value! A fundraiser for Hobart Not Highrise. For details: Click 'HERE'

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