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August 2020 - click 'Here' for full details of bullying by City of Hobart Alderman and why the 'heights' issue should come back to Council.

Sadly, the Major Projects Bill has been passed by both houses of parliament. We note that the government has, on a number of occasions, said that this legislation will not be used for highrise towers. However, the legislation could allow such buildings. Down the track, we may have to direct our attention to the new DAP's (Development Assessment Panel's).

Many thanks to the hundreds who made submissions against the proposed Major Projects legislation.

ABC's '7:30 Report' 3-part series on the Property Industry - it's worth watching!
  1. 21st Oct. 2019: Titled 'Buyer Beware' - Apartment owners paying for defective buildings: Click 'Here' to watch video
  2. 22nd Oct. 2019: Titled 'Fault Lines' - Home owners left high and dry while their building crumbles around them: Click 'Here' to watch video
  3. 23rd Oct. 2019: Titled 'Hidden Danger' - Programs are underway to replace combustible cladding on apartment blocks: Click 'Here' to watch video

Hobart Not Highrise Inc. was set up to prevent a rash of developments that ignore building height rules and threaten the human scale, heritage values, and skyline of our beautiful city. We do this by providing residents with accurate up-to-date information and making it easy for them to have their voice heard, if they so wish.
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